First night in the Tesla (10.8)

Wasn’t bad.  I found a campground off the Pacific Coast Highway.  Map says I’m in Ventura, CA.  I arrived around 1am.  Fell asleep sometime between 2 and 3am and slept until 8.  Some noise woke me a few times in the night, so not as good of sleep as in a bed, but not bad.  I was able to hear the waves crashing when I had the sunroof vented.

This campground has pay showers, a breakfast place, and free wifi.  It’s actually the best free wifi I’ve found so far on this trip.


I used the unofficial ‘camping mode’ to keep the climate control system running in the car overnight.  It was set to bring in outside air, no A/C or heat, at a low fan speed.  It only used about 5 miles of range overnight keeping the car on.  Not bad.  The middle picture shows the water behind the campers in front of my car.

Today I’m planning to drive some of the Pacific Coast Highway and look at setting up meeting times / places with some people I know online.

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