Corvallis, Portland, Car (10.14)

I woke up this morning to a semi truck maneuvering so close to my car that I thought he was going to hit me.  Checked the clock, 6:45am.  It was a delivery for the restaurant in front of the SuperCharger lot, Black Bear Diner, where I ate last night.

I had kept the car on and the heater running all night set at 70F.  That used up 37 miles of range over 10 hours.  Not bad.  I also noticed at this point that I had a crack in my windshield.  I had heard the rock last night but it hit very low, below the visible edge of the windshield.   The crack had gradually spread during the night drive and I think it spread a bit more today.


I charged up a bit and then left for the SuperCharger in Springfield, OR.  While charging in Springfield, I met the owners of a P100D Model X.  We talked for a while and the husband told me how much he grins to do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds… in a SUV.  Said his BMW X5 remains in the garage since getting the Model X.  I told him about the A B charging stalls.

After charging, I went a few miles up the road to a Truck Stops of America for a shower.  After that I headed to Corvallis to catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in years.  Alice is nearly 90 and just as sharp as anyone else I know.  We spent a few hours talking and I met more of the family.  Even did a few group pictures.


I then drove up to Portland where I was to meet my friend Chris that I also haven’t seen in years.  On the way to Portland, I stopped at the Woodburn SuperCharger to add more energy since I didn’t know how much driving I would do in Portland.  I noticed the cables weren’t magnetically grabbing as well as other SuperChargers.  The first spot I tried, the car said the cable was bad.  As I went to put the cable back in its socket, it slipped out and fell on the car.  Unfortunately, it left a small dent in the rear of the car, near the charge port.  My first dent on the Tesla 😦  The next stall over worked fine.  That cable also slipped out on my first attempt to re-hang it when done charging.  While charging, I walked over to the outlet mall and again tried to find some new Asics.  I found them in two stores, but didn’t find a pair that fit right.

Going into Portland, I had some time before meeting Chris so I routed to The Grotto to check it out.  Traffic became very backed up and I ended up arriving at The Grotto just as they were closing.  I may try to return in the morning, depending on the weather.  I drove over the stack in the center of Portland.  I tried to find some information about it online because it gets very high above the river.  I was curious just how high, but I didn’t find the details tonight.

A few minutes later Chris called and we agreed to meet at Elephants Delicatessan.  Quite an interesting place!  The food was very good and there was also a store section with pre-made goodies.  We ate, talked quite a bit, grabbed a few things to go and then Chris suggested I see Pittock Mansion.

Pittock Manion is on top of a hill overlooking a good portion of Portland.  It was night time when we went up and a cloud rolled in around us while we were up there, giving an eerie feel to the place.  Of course, Chris mentioned that the rumor is the old mansion is haunted, which just added to the feel in the air.  Very cool! 🙂  I grabbed a bunch of pictures up there.

Chris and his girlfriend

A view of Portland and then the same view zoomed in a bit

A few more pics from around the outside of the mansion in the night fog, ending with our cars in the lot near the mansion

After the mansion, Chris wanted to take me to the Salt & Straw ice cream shop.  Apparently its a very popular tourist place after being mentioned by some celebrities.  Parking in Portland is not easy.  That took a while to find spots.  We then walked up to the shop to find a line going outside.  Chris works nights so we opted to go across the street to a gellato place, instead.  Just outside of that shop were three statues of pigs.


After that, we called it a night and I left the city for a SuperCharger in the foothills east of Portland where I figured I could sleep.  I’m writing from there now and could sleep here but it’s fairly bright.  There is a church nearby so I’m going to try that lot for the night.

On the way here, I noticed a sign for Boring, OR.

Tomorrow is going to depend on the weather.  The wind is forecast to be severe near the coast and in Seattle.  I’m going to hold off on going to Seattle tomorrow.  I may stick around this area and see The Grotto, Vista House, and Multnomah Falls.  Or I may see those and head into central Washington.  Or even start heading East.  I also should find a laundromat.  I’ll decide in the morning.

Miles: 2744

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