Just like old times, Austin (12.12)

I left San Marcos and headed towards my friend Lisa’s home in Austin.  I arrived earlier than expected.  The drive over to her subdivision is beautiful!  She introduced me to her dog, Murphy, and then showed me the house and her office.

We went out to lunch at a restaurant overlooking a laked up portion of the Colorado River.  We sat outside for the views and spent lunch catching up on the years that have passed since last we hung out.  The food and company were fantastic and the day was gorgeous!


After lunch, Lisa returned home to work for the afternoon.  She gave me suggestions of places to see in Austin.  We made plans to have dinner with her husband and daughter.

I drove over to Covert Park at Mt Bonnell for the scenic views.  The drive up was fun with plenty of twists and curves.  I parked alongside the park area and walked up to the overlook area.  The view overlooks part of the Colorado River and downtown Austin is visible in the distance.


I had some concern about range so I decided to use the remainder of the afternoon to add some charge at a destination charger.  I found one relatively nearby at Omni Barton Creek Resort.

I spoke to the staff, plugged in, and settled in an outside seat of the restaurant with a glass of wine and my DS.  As I started gaming, the bartender walked out with a board of food.  He explained that they have a new chef who is practicing and rather than waste the food they would give me some of it.  🙂


I left and drove back to Lisa’s, arriving late due to rush hour traffic.  I met her husband, Carlos, and their daughter, Mia.  They took me out to Lisa’s favorite restaurant.  The food was great and I overate.

I took several pictures from the car of the moon and such but all ended up blurry.

We returned to their home where we sat and talked until midnight.  I said goodbye and drove up to Waco for the night.

When I had arrived at Lisa’s, she had given me a very thoughtful gift.  One of my favorite moments from the entire trip.


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