Just like old times, Austin (12.12)

I left San Marcos and headed towards my friend Lisa’s home in Austin.  I arrived earlier than expected.  The drive over to her subdivision is beautiful!  She introduced me to her dog, Murphy, and then showed me the house and her office.

We went out to lunch at a restaurant overlooking a laked up portion of the Colorado River.  We sat outside for the views and spent lunch catching up on the years that have passed since last we hung out.  The food and company were fantastic and the day was gorgeous!


After lunch, Lisa returned home to work for the afternoon.  She gave me suggestions of places to see in Austin.  We made plans to have dinner with her husband and daughter.

I drove over to Covert Park at Mt Bonnell for the scenic views.  The drive up was fun with plenty of twists and curves.  I parked alongside the park area and walked up to the overlook area.  The view overlooks part of the Colorado River and downtown Austin is visible in the distance.


I had some concern about range so I decided to use the remainder of the afternoon to add some charge at a destination charger.  I found one relatively nearby at Omni Barton Creek Resort.

I spoke to the staff, plugged in, and settled in an outside seat of the restaurant with a glass of wine and my DS.  As I started gaming, the bartender walked out with a board of food.  He explained that they have a new chef who is practicing and rather than waste the food they would give me some of it.  🙂


I left and drove back to Lisa’s, arriving late due to rush hour traffic.  I met her husband, Carlos, and their daughter, Mia.  They took me out to Lisa’s favorite restaurant.  The food was great and I overate.

I took several pictures from the car of the moon and such but all ended up blurry.

We returned to their home where we sat and talked until midnight.  I said goodbye and drove up to Waco for the night.

When I had arrived at Lisa’s, she had given me a very thoughtful gift.  One of my favorite moments from the entire trip.


Into Texas, Tesla Love (12.11)

My goal today was to get to or very close to Austin by the end of the day.  I had made plans to catch up with Lisa and her family on Monday the 12th.

One of the SuperChargers in Louisiana was behind a shopping complex with a Trader Joe’s.  A young couple drove up to the car and started asking me about it.  I invited them into the car and completely geeked out over it with them for about 20 minutes. 🙂   I think they’ll be owners someday.

I passed through Houston around 8pm.  Several of the high rise buildings are decorated with Christmas lights.  I tried to take some pictures but they turned out blurry.

I stopped for the night in San Marcos.

The Road Home (12.10)

Condo checkout was 10am on Siesta Key.  I spent the morning getting the car re-packed and making sure everything was ready to go again.

At this point, I decided the next big stop I wanted to make was Austin, Texas.  So, the next few days would be travel days to cross half of the country.

As I drove North up Florida, the temperature reached 72F just past Tampa.  By the time I was moving West through the panhandle, it was down around 39F.

Dinner was at a small mom-and-pop pizza place in a small town while charging.  The service was poor but the food was tasty.

I  made it to Mobile, Alabama and stopped for the night.


Last day in Siesta Key, Christmas lights (12.9)

The morning started with a drive up to Tampa and back.  I relaxed in the condo in the afternoon, catching up on some blog entries and just enjoying taking it easy.

Driving along Midnight Pass road on the night we arrived revealed Christmas lights hung on most of the condo buildings.  I decided to walk South along the road once it was dark to take some pictures.


I stopped in Captain Curt’s for beer and to talk to locals.  The bartender had moved to Siesta Key over ten years ago.  We talked about real estate and what it is like to live around there.

I returned to the condo and relaxed on the couch with the DS and TV for the rest of the evening.