Beach, Coronado, people (10.6)

Amber and I started the next day with brunch on the beach.  We found a place nearby that served breakfast burritos and drinks on the beach.  Sounded like a good place to sit, eat, and people-watch.

An older woman sat next to my right and started a conversation with me.  She told me about her travels to Europe and Russia, how she was a native Californian, how her father had been influential in California’s past, and took interest in the trip I’m currently doing.  It was a great conversation and I very much enjoyed meeting Phyllis.

After eating, we walked out on the beach.  I stuck my feet in the water and quickly backed out.  Too cold for me.  The highlight of the beach time involved a group of children and a sandcastle.  The sandcastle was quite impressive.  I tried to get a pic, but I didn’t get very close.  At one point, one of the boys, about 6 years old, starts running in circles around the sandcastle while chanting Sac ri fice, Sac ri fice, Sac ri fice.  I had to fight to keep from cracking up.


Our next stop was Coronado.  We spent some time driving around Coronado looking at the houses.  We stopped at the Coronado Hotel for a few minutes to walk around the lobby.  After that, we stopped near some shops and walked a bit checking out things, having some cheese and chocolate, and spoke with various shop owners.

I found a relic while there:


I did not check to see if it was still working. 🙂  I also found a painting I like, only $13,000.


After Coronado, we started back towards Lake Elsinore.  We stopped at the SuperCharger just North of San Diego.  For the first time, I experienced a location full of charging Teslas with a wait for one to become available.  This was outside of a Qualcomm building.  We decided to not wait and head back to the Temecula charger since we had enough remaining range.

After charging, Amber drove the Tesla back to her home.  She definitely likes the car. 🙂  I was offered the guest room again.  Three nights into the trip, haven’t slept in the Tesla, yet.


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