San Diego (10.5)

Second day started well.  I was able to stay in a guest room at a friend’s house, so I hadn’t tried out the Tesla bed, yet.  After some visiting, I showed the Tesla to my friend, Bev.  She loved the acceleration. 🙂

My friend Amber decided to go with me to San Diego.  Bev, Amber and I had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant in Lake Elsinore, and then Amber and I left for San Diego.  We stopped at the Temecula SuperCharger to top off before the trip.  This one is on the 3rd level of a parking garage in a mall complex.

Amber found a great deal through Groupon for a hotel on the beach just North of Mission Bay.  We drove there and then decided to be on foot for the rest of the night.  I grabbed a few pictures of the beach near the hotel just after sunset.


There were several restaurants within walking distance.  Sounded like a good opportunity to relax and focus on vacation mode.


We had a good time checking out the various places.  The last place we went was the restaurant attached to the hotel.  The place was named World Famous.  The bartender there was cool to us and we enjoyed some time people-watching before calling it a night.

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