Redding and Sacramento (10.11)

I changed my mind on doing more wine tastings today.  I think three might have been a bit more than needed yesterday and I woke up with a stiff back today.  I decided to make the trip up to Redding to satisfy an old curiosity.

Back in university, I had a goal to work for a video game localization company named Working Designs.  They were based in Redding.  Back then, Julie S and I were talking about marriage and moving to Redding.  Of course, things changed and I never went to Redding or Working Designs.  Working Designs closed its doors in 2005, but I was able to find the old address, so I decided to make the 200+ mile drive up to see Redding and the old location that would have been my workplace had everything worked out that way.

I stopped in Corning for a charge.  While there, I found a Petro truck stop a mile away that had pay showers.  After eating and charging, I drove over to Petro and tried the pay shower.  The facilities are quite nice and clean.  Definitely recommend it for people on the road.  The showers are pricey at $13, though.  My back had tightened up so much that the shower and walking were tough.  I hobbled back to the car and ate some ibuprofen which did help to loosen things up.

Arriving at the old Working Designs address was interesting.  It’s now a trucking company. It’s on the outskirts of town and not what I had imagined over the years.  I sat there in the lot for a while thinking about it.  Afterwards, I drove North through Redding looking around a bit and then I double-backed on I5 heading South again.

I decided to branch a bit and check out Sacramento.  Yesterday I noticed that my shoes are getting worn and ready for replacement.  I thought I might find some new ones at a mall in Sacramento and spend more time walking around getting light exercise and loosing up the back and legs.  I arrived at Arden Fair outlets. More expensive than I wanted to go, but a good place for walking around.  I found a restaurant serving SouthWestern food and had dinner.

Next I drove over to the SuperCharger in Vacaville.  This charger is located in the parking lot of a massive set of outlet shops, more sprawling than I’ve seen elsewhere.  I walked around while charging doing window shopping.  I found some shoes but didn’t want to pay that much.  I only bought two truffles while there. 😉

Finally, I headed back to the Napa SuperCharger that I slept at last night.  I’ll sleep here again tonight then head to Tesla tomorrow for the factory tour. 🙂   No pictures taken today.

Miles: 1828

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