Fremont, pre-tour (10.12)

Last night I tried sleeping in the opposite direction in the car.  My head at the rear of the car and my feet towards the front seats.  That ended up working better and I felt like I had more room and was more comfortable.

I drove into Napa to a gym to find a shower.  Single day pass for $16, the cost of a shower. 🙂  I decided to head to Fremont after breakfast to make sure I had plenty of time for traffic, parking, getting lost, etc.  I arrived at the Tesla factory about noon.  They have a show room which doubles at the waiting room for the tour, so I’m here.  I will move my car to a non-charging spot once it has charged.  There is also free wifi in here, which is giving me time to catch up online.

Unfortunately, pictures and video are not permitted here.  I also don’t know if I will have to sign a NDA or anything like that.  I’ll share what I can later. 🙂

I wanted to thank everyone that has been messaging, texting and calling me.  It’s nice to have contact while on the road.  Helps me feel less alone on this trip.  I woke up to more messages this morning, which is great, too.

I’m also open to suggestions on how to eat healthy while on the road.  I’ve been having too much fast food.  I do have cashews and some healthy bars in the car for snacking, but I need to improve my meals.

After the tour, I’m planning to drive the 101 North.  I don’t think I’ll make it there before sunset, so I’ll look for a place to sleep just before the entrance and then drive it in the sunny hours tomorrow.

Wifi would be nice at the SuperChargers, but I understand that it’s probably best not to encourage people to stay longer than they need to.  The SuperChargers are going to get much more busy as the Model 3 rolls out.  I can tether to my phone but that eats the data plan.

BTW, California has a town named Yolo.

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