Catholics, Jesuits, Old Friends (10.16)

Last night was windy.  I was parked in the first spot next to the electrical equipment shed for the SuperChargers.  The gates were padlocked, but the wind was blowing hard enough that they were squeaking occasionally as they slightly opened from the pressure.  As I walked into the Best Western to brush my teeth, I noticed they had Halloween decorations outside, including a scarecrow.  Behind my car was an empty parking lot with a lone semi parked for the night.  Beyond that, empty land.  It was a bit eerie. 🙂  The wind picked up as I started to drift off to sleep.  I felt the car rock a few times.

After a good night’s sleep, I left Ritzville and headed to the Petro just outside of Spokane for a shower.  That one had the best truck-stop shower facilities I’ve seen, yet.  I ate Subway while there and then picked up a black coffee.  The woman working the counter gave the coffee to me; thank you!

I looked online for sight-seeing around Spokane and decided on the Cathedral of St John the Evangelist.  I arrived to find a service in progress.  I had forgotten it was Sunday.  I spoke with a nice woman that worked there regarding my desire to see the Cathedral and take pictures.  She showed me other areas of the building and spoke of the history.  One of the rooms has a ‘labyrinth’ painted on the floor to use as a faith exercise.  I looked at it and noticed it’s not a labyrinth, rather a single winding path, but I kept my mouth shut. 🙂 The dark line is the path to walk.


I wandered around a bit, and looked out the windows.  I watched a guy going out for a smoke hold the apartment door open for a plump black and white cat to walk outside.   One of the conference rooms had a good view overlooking the city but my pic didn’t turn out so well.  I then listened to the organ play while the service completed.  Afterwards, I walked into the Cathedral to take a look around and get some pictures.


Spokane is quite hilly, with winding streets and older buildings.  After Spokane, I left for the SuperCharger in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.  On the way to the SuperCharger, I found an interesting choice in the road signs.


While charging, I looked for points of interest around Coeur d’Alene.  I was in the narrow top part of Idaho, but I wanted to try to find at least one interesting spot in each state I hadn’t previously visited.  So, I found a structure that is marked as the oldest building in Idaho, located in Cataldo, Idaho… the Cataldo Mission.



After the Mission, I left Idaho for Superior, Montana.  I caught up with my friend Bill there.  Superior is a very small town; about 1000 people.  Everyone seems to know everyone else. We had dinner at the local restaurant / bar / casino and caught up on the years since we last saw each other.  There was a man sitting nearby at a casino machine listening in.  He cracked up several times and finally joined in a bit with our conversation. 🙂   Afterwards, I showed Bill the Tesla20161016_185240

Montana is in the Central time zone, so I added an hour when I entered the state.  I had a bit of fading sunlight remaining, so I drove onto the next SuperCharger in Missoula, Montana.  The speed limit through here is 80 mph, but you have plenty of wildlife to watch for so I prefer not to drive at night here.

This SuperCharger is also near a Best Western and Starbucks, so that worked out nicely for another night. 🙂  I didn’t do laundry today and I have one more day of clean clothes remaining so tomorrow is going to need to include a laundry stop.  I’m considering contacting someone I knew long ago that moved to Bozeman.  I found his phone number and will decide in the morning about calling him and arranging a visit.

Nice full moon tonight. 🙂

Miles: 3327.

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