Dinosaurs and Snow (10.17)

I woke up to low clouds partially covering the surrounding mountains.  I grabbed two pictures, one of the view and one of where I slept for the night.


Today’s truck stop shower was a bit of a backtrack, but not far.  After that, I stopped at Quiznos for a sandwich and then continued heading East on I-90.  I decided to stop in Bozeman and visit The Museum of the Rockies for the dinosaur exhibit.


While driving, I passed several peaks that had snow on them.  At one point I was high enough in elevation to briefly pass a small amount of snow on the ground.  I grabbed a few pictures of mountains in the distance with snow on the peaks.


I stopped for the night in Billings.  I needed to do laundry so I asked about using the facilities in the local hotel, The Big Horn Resort.  The woman working the front desk offered a discount on their lowest rate room if I would like to stay in the hotel, instead.  She also provided a coupon for a drink at The Montana Club across the parking lot.  I accepted the offer.  My laundry is drying as I type this from the hotel room. 🙂   The Montana Club had good food and a great bartender.  I showed him the free drink coupon and he offered a flight of 5 beers for the coupon.  He then selected five beers based on my preferences and I ended up liking them all.  Dinner was a small salad and a piece of lasagna.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading into Wyoming and possibly into South Dakota.  I opted to skip Yellowstone.  It’s too big to just go for an afternoon and I didn’t feel like spending several days there.  I will probably visit Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Miles: 3696

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