Mount Rushmore, Naked Winery, Deadwood (10.19)

Today started with a top off charge so that I could backtrack to do some sight-seeing.  The route to Mount Rushmore is full of tourist traps.  It was actually annoying to see all of advertisements for attractions and such on the way to Mount Rushmore.

There is a parking fee at the park, though it’s good for a year in case you want to return.  The faces on the monument are 60 feet tall, each.  The monument has a large walkway that is decorated with the names of the workers, a bust of the sculptor, and a pillar lined walkway that has each of the 50 states and year it entered the USA engraved on the pillars.  There is a large viewing area, a side viewing area, and it looks like an amphitheatre is being built is front and below the main viewing area.


After the monument, I took the scenic route winding North and bit West towards Deadwood.  Just after Hill City, I saw the Naked Winery and decided to stop for a tasting.  The entire winery is themed.  Naked Winery Shop List  My favorite was the red cab Penetration.  The Climax was pretty good, too.  There were some amusing decorations around the store and I grabbed a few pictures.


Next stop was Deadwood.  Deadwood is quite commercialized now.  You can see how the old town was setup in the modern layout and buildings.  I stopped in a wine tasting room and did a second tasting for the day.  I asked about food recommendations and was directed next door to The Nugget Saloon for pizza.  Their pizzas are named after various people / characters from the town’s past and the Deadwood show.  I ordered the Al Swearengen pizza and a local beer.

While eating, the bartender and I talked about The Badlands and his recent trip.  He showed me a video of him approaching a rattlesnake in the road (his girlfriend recorded it).  The snake did attempt to strike him and barely missed.  They move fast!  I found it interesting that he showed the video when I had dreamed of rattlesnakes the night before.


I returned to Rapid City to re-charge.  From there I drove East to Mitchell, South Dakota where I stayed in the car for the night.  On the way, I drove through a storm.  I grabbed a pic as I was chasing into the storm.


Miles: approximately 4300.

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