Off route, Fargo (10.20)

I’m going to visit my friend Bryan near Fargo, North Dakota.  There is not a direct route there along the SuperCharger network, yet.  I looked at the map and found a destination charger in Aberdeen, South Dakota that would permit me to shortcut the trip, though the charging is much slower.  I left Mitchell, South Dakota with nearly a full charge and arrived in Aberdeen two and a half hours later.  I’m parking outside of the Best Western charging at a rate of about 25 miles of range per hour of charging.  I probably have another four hours of charging to go before I’m ready for the next step.  It’s slow, but it permitted me to cut 455 miles off the other route through SuperChargers.

While sitting here, I’ve been catching up on news.  Tesla announced full automation in new Tesla Model S cars.  These cars are expected to fully drive themselves with no human interaction.  Video of self driving Tesla         Elon Musk’s tweet.

I charged until 6:30 pm, 7 hours of charging in Aberdeen.  I ended up charging about an hour or 90 minutes more than I needed to, but I was thankful to have the extra range.  I arrived at Bryan and Kendra’s place about 9:30pm and visited with them for a few hours, as well as meeting the cats. 🙂  I plugged in at their house to grab a few miles while we talked.

I’m in the Element Fargo hotel tonight.  I picked it because it’s the only place around here with a Tesla Destination Charger and I was down to 40 miles of range (16%). It’s quite nice for the price.  A modern hotel with some updated concepts.  Actual glasswear and plates, salt and pepper, microwave and minifridge in the room.  I took a few pics (also because I don’t have any other pics from today since it was mostly a travel day).


Tomorrow I plan to relax a bit in the hotel while Bryan and Kendra work.  I’ll perhaps explore a bit of Fargo and plan my next route.  In the evening, we’ll hang out.  Either tomorrow night or Saturday, I’ll continue East into Wisconsin.

Miles: again, I forgot to get the exact number but it’s over 4,800

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