Fall Leaves and The Road Home (Formerly) (10.23)

Leslie, Tom, Finley and I went out for breakfast at a local place that was quite popular. Tom took a scenic route on the way home so I could see the lake near them.  I took a few more pictures of the leaves.

After breakfast, I said my goodbyes and started on the route to my sister’s home in Indiana.  I stopped a few times along the way to charge, but nothing eventful.  I was reminded of the toll roads around Chicago and NW Indiana as I spent over $10 on tolls to get home.  The highway oases (plural of oasis) are a somewhat interesting concept that I don’t recall seeing in other areas.  To avoid people exiting a toll road, city planners built structures that go over the highways and contain restaurants, bathrooms, rest areas and gas stations on the sides.  I didn’t take any pictures, though.

I arrived at my sister’s home about 7:30pm.  My mother and nephew were there with my sister and spent the rest of the evening catching up and visiting.  Julie had made dinner and cookies for me.  She also offered her bedroom for me to stay in.

Miles: 5677.7

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