Catching up and a pause (10.24)

This morning has been time catching up on various items.  I’ve called Tesla about getting a windshield replacement and doing the annual service.  Unfortunately, there is not a windshield for my car available in the Chicago-land area.  I’ll call ahead to various cities on the East Coast and see if I can find one and time it for when I’ll be in there area.  I also put the claim in for insurance.

I’ve unloaded the car and will get it cleaned today or tomorrow.  Some of the bedding from the back of the car is already in the dryer.  I’m planning to spend time with family and friends in this region until after Halloween.  I’ll start the next leg of the road trip probably November 1st or 2nd.  The wine glass from Cakebread made it intact!  I’ve washed it and will leave it for my sister’s house.

So far, I’ve gone through very few of my supplies.  Much less than anticipated.  I have eaten way too much fast food, though.  It looks like I’ve gained 2 or 3 pounds since leaving Phoenix.  The car has done very well.  The windshield and the small dent from the charging connector are the only obvious wear signs I can see.  I’m sure there are more rock chips, though.  At the end of the trip, I’m planning to tally up the total money spent.  Of course, so far I’ve spent $0 on fuel for travel. 🙂  I’ve stayed in hotels more often than I had planned, but the foam bed in the Tesla has saved money already.

The blog may not see daily updates during this week.  It depends on what I see and find interesting.  If I take pictures, I’ll probably write a blog post.  My sister and I are planning to go for a walk soon that may lead to some good pictures.

Since it’s only morning, I may update this entry later.

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