Fargo, Moorhead, MTG (10.21)

Hotel checkout time was noon so I ate breakfast at the hotel and stayed around the room until 11:30.  After that, I decided to try (again) to find some shoes while Bryan and Kendra were at work.  I went into two strip malls and the West Acres mall, but didn’t have any luck with shoes this time, either.  I was surprised to see the prices on Asics here are higher than what I found in California.

The West Acres mall has a cool water feature and I grabbed a pic:

After the mall, I went to a Walmart parking lot to sit and read for a while.  I walked through Walmart and did some people watching then spent time with the Kindle in the car.  Bryan contacted me after their work day and we met up at their house.

From there we went out to The Blarney Stone Pub for dinner and drinks.  The beer was good, the food portions huge, and the atmosphere was fun.  We had a good time there, then grabbed some wine for later and headed back to their home.  We spent the rest of the evening talking and playing MTG while drinking wine and playing with the cats.  Bryan has some cool deck builds that gave me ideas and the desire to build some decks again.  I enjoyed playing again.

They offered me the couch for the night and I happily accepted.  After they went to bed, as I was just settling in on the couch, the ‘anti-social’ cat started meowing to me for food. 🙂  I said goodnight and went right to sleep.  Don’t worry, she isn’t in danger of under-eating.

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