Vermont (11.6)

I skipped breakfast at the hotel to sleep in a bit more.  Still tired and the weather being rainy and cold, I decided to skip any more sight-seeing in Glen Falls and head into Vermont.  I re-visited the SuperCharger before leaving to add a bit more charge.  While there, I took some pictures of the snow piles that have not fully melted from last season’s snow.

The route from Glen Falls to Burlington, Vermont is off of interstate highways, goes through small towns, and is quite scenic.  Not being in a hurry, I enjoy these drives. I tried to take some pictures of the scenery along the way.


The SuperCharger in Burlington is behind a Healthy foods store and across the street from a Trader Joe’s.  I enjoyed looking through the stored while charging, but didn’t pick up anything.  The couple I had spoken to in Glen Falls told me about the Market St marketplace in Burlington.  I drove through the marketplace and then headed over to a restaurant near the lake shore to eat.  The restaurant had views looking over Lake Champlain towards New York.


After the late lunch, I headed SouthEast to Montpelier, the capital of Vermont.  Tired, I decided to call it an early night.  The SuperCharger is in a good location, near a hotel, tucked away, and also near a new 24/7 gas station / truck stop.  I setup the bed and decided to lie down for a bit to see if the area was comfy.  It was cold.  I thought about turning the heat up in the Tesla and recalled that the low is predicted to be 27F tonight there.  After a few minutes, I got up and found a cheap hotel in nearby Barre.  I definitely want to use the Tesla bed more in warmer areas to save more money, but I’ll likely stay in hotels most / all nights of New England.

Miles: ~7125

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