Buffalo to Glen Falls (11.5)

Today was mostly a travel day.  I enjoyed the scenery while crossing upstate New York.  If you travel New York, be aware that there are many tolls and they only accept cash.

I stopped in Glen Falls and early enough to explore the town before going to sleep.  The SuperCharger was in a mall parking lot.  After charging a bit, I headed to Cooper’s Cave Ale Brewery for dinner and to chat with some locals.

The couple to my left were quite friendly and gave me several suggestions for sight-seeing.  After they left, I had a conversation with the man on my right.  He is a regular and has also lived in the two most of his life.  He gave me more suggestions for sight-seeing and discussed some history of the town and the surrounding areas.  Later in the conversation, the brewery owner joined us.  She handed me a local newspaper and some tourist guides.  🙂

I decided to try sleeping in a Walmart parking lot since they are open 24/7.  After sitting a while in that lot, I felt like I would be more comfortable in the mall parking lot near the SuperChargers. I drove over to the SuperChargers, got comfy in the back, and lied down.  A few minutes later, it started raining.  I watched the rain for a bit and fell into a light sleep until a few minutes later, about 12:30, someone knocked on the car window.

I woke up and saw a mall security staff member standing in the rain next to the car.  I rolled down the window and he asked if I was ok.  I explained that I was sleeping for the night and would drive in the morning.  He said no problem, apologized for disturbing me, and went on his way.  Very polite and considerate.

I tried to sleep again but was now wide-awake.  I read for a bit until I saw him drive up again.  He then explained that his boss stated I could not stay there unless I was actively charging as it was an insurance risk.  I said, no problem, I’ll move on.  He was very polite about it all.

I drove back over to Walmart and decided to use the restroom and consider staying there or getting a hotel.  After walking in through the rain, I find the restroom blocked for cleaning.  I head back to the car and notice a leaf in the car.  As I pick it up to throw it outside, I notice it was some kind of tissue that must have been carried in on the bottom of my shoe… time for the hand sanitizer.

On my phone, I open up Priceline and realize I can’t search for that night as it is past midnight.  I decide to drive up the road to the two hotels I saw and inquire.  Both end up having prices higher than I want to pay and neither will negotiate much lower.  Frustrated, I look up Super 8 and decide to just go there and pay whatever.

The woman working at Super 8 was very kind.  She gave me a discount, bringing it down to under $70.  I finally got into the room about 1:45am.  Not able to fall asleep immediately, I watched Alien: Resurrection on TV and finally went to sleep about 3:30 (after the time change, and thankful for that).

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