Maine, Stephen King, Bar Harbor (11.8)

Falling asleep early last night lead to waking up early and getting a bit of an earlier start despite having to do the laundry this morning.  I set out for Maine with the intention of getting to Bar Harbor and staying there for the night.

On the drive, I took a picture of another mileage milestone in the Tesla


While charging, I looked for points of interest.  The SuperCharger in Augusta was located just off of Stephen King Drive.  So, I looked to see where Stephen King lives.  Turns out to be in Bangor, which is the next SuperCharger.

When I arrived in Bangor, I ate at Ruby Tuesday and then looked up Stephen King’s house.  Turns out he gets a bunch of people taking pictures regularly of the gates and the house.  I became another one.


Based on what I read, King doesn’t like people to stop and linger, so I kept it to a drive-by picture.

The road to Bar Harbor was slow going.  I arrived after dark.  Hotels are more expensive here as it’s a big tourist place.  I found a decent price on the Quimby House Inn & Spa.  It’s a nice place and I’m enjoying my evening here.  I settled in and then walked around the area.  Dinner was Thai food and I had a beer at the Thirsty Whale.  The crowd was mostly couples that were engrossed in their own conversations so no opportunity to chat with locals tonight.  I’m planning to sight-see in the morning and get some daylight pictures before leaving.

Miles: ~7600

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