Bar Harbor, Travel (11.9)

I stayed up until after 3am local time watching the election coverage.  As such, I slept in a bit and then had a late morning.  I decided to park the car in a grocery store lot and walk around Bar Harbor before leaving the area.

As I’m walking, I notice my right leg feels uncomfortable.  I pay attention and realize I have another pair of underwear crammed into the right leg of my pants, slowly sliding down.  I’m well away from my car by the time I realize this.  It gets lodged behind my knee so I just ignore it and continue walking around town and had breakfast before returning to the car. 🙂

Some pictures of Bar Harbor town and waterfront:



Many of the shops were closed for the winter.  I stopped by a breakfast place and had some “famous Maine blueberry pancakes”.  They were good. 🙂

The remainder of the day was spent traveling back south.  I stayed at the same Best Western in Hampton, NH as on the 7th.  I’ve tried to strike up conversations with locals the past few nights at dinner with little luck.


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