Salem, MA, Boston, Rhode Island (11.10)

After leaving Hampton, NH, I headed to Salem, MA.  Salem has quite a bit to see.  The old houses and architecture is worth a walk.  Much of the tourism of the area is focused on the history of the witch hunt as well as modern-day witch souvenirs and tours.

I started with a tour of the Witch House.  This is actually where the Judge Jonathan Corwin lived with his family and is the only building still standing associated with the witch trials.  Much of the detail of the home is focused on how life was in the home for the Corwin family.  The rest of the detail regards the witch hunt and what people believed and used for medicine back then.  A surprising amount involved dung.


I stopped by the Salem Library after the Witch House.  The librarians provided a map of downtown and some advice for where to walk.  There are many tourist attractions.  I considered the Witch Museum and Witch Dungeon but didn’t want to pay the cost of admission to those.  Outside of the Dungeon were some stocks.


I stopped for a Jive Turkey sandwich and had a nice view from my lunch seat:


Walking through town towards the Witch Trials Memorial, I took a few pictures of other points of interest.


The Salem Witch Trials memorial has names of the people that were executed as witches carved into stones around a grassy area.  There are also quotes from the victims carved into stone.


Next to the memorial was a small graveyard.  There are walking paths through the graveyard.  At first, I thought it was part of the memorial: a fake graveyard to recognize the people killed in the witch trials.  I was about halfway through when I realized it is an actual graveyard and the walking paths do go over some graves. 😦  It may have been the original graveyard in Salem as most of the writing is worn off of the headstones.


After leaving Salem, I decided to head into Boston and take a look at the Old North Church in Boston.  The drive into Boston involved going through the Sumner Tunnel (I think) which goes under the Boston Harbor.  As I approached the church, the streets narrowed.  I got to a point where I simply could not find a parking spot.  After a while, I gave up.  A picture of the street near the church.


The next stop was the SuperCharger SouthWest of downtown Boston.  It turned out to be located at the Boston Tesla Service Center.  While there, I spoke to the staff regarding replacing the windshield, performing the annual maintenance, checking a few other things, and keeping the car there for a week while I’m overseas.  The staff was amenable to all of those things.  So, I’m deciding whether I want to get the windshield replaced while I’m gone or wait until I’m back home in Phoenix ‘just in case’ of more rocks on this trip. 🙂  I have a week to decide.  I also got the name of a local storage place to leave my items since the car will need to be empty if I leave it for Tesla to inspect and work on.

After Tesla, I drove a bit further to get into Rhode Island. Tonight I’m staying just south of Providence, RI.  I tried to get some suggestions from the locals again at dinner and received one.  It was the cliff walk I had heard about from others so I probably will check it out.  I’ll be traveling a bit away from Boston over the next week but not too far so I can easily get back for my flight.

Miles: ~8,000

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