Boston South Station, Connecticut, New Friends (11.12)

This is the view I woke up to inside of Elizabeth and Michael’s home


Elizabeth treated us to hand pressed coffee and breakfast. 🙂  Jay had plans to take a bus to Vermont to visit another friend for two days.  I offered to take Jay to the bus station in Boston.

Boston’s South Station is quite large and historic.  After parking, we walked over to the station and walked around a bit before finding out the bus area was down a ways.  We were in the train section.  Jay and I were busy talking so I didn’t take any pictures, but it’s quite the view to see all of the train lines and bus terminals.  Jay bought his ticket and we grabbed some lunch before he was due to board the bus.  After saying goodbye, I left Boston and headed toward Connecticut.

I stopped in New Britain, Connecticut for the night.  The hotel had a pub attached that listed live music as their attraction.  After getting settled, I headed to the pub for dinner and hoped to get some tips on places to see from the locals.

Two women sat at my left a short time after I arrived.  Jenn struck up a conversation with me after a while.  Her job at ESPN has lead to her traveling to various countries and all around the USA.  I mentioned my trip.  She had a bunch of questions regarding the Tesla and I was curious to hear more about her trip to South Africa.  Jenn offered to look into a tour of ESPN for me, if I was interested, and said she would text me after looking into it.  After a while, I wished her and her friend a good night and headed to my room for the night.

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