ESPN, New Friends, Prep (11.16)

I went into downtown New Haven, Connecticut to get some Euros from Chase.  The architecture there in downtown is beautiful stone work buildings.  Despite having spoken to Chase on two previous occasions and being told there was no fee to convert to Euros at the bank, there is a fee.  I pointed it out and was told the fee is included in the conversion rate instead of as a separate fee.  Had I known, I probably would have just converted the money on arrival in Terceira.

Jenn had set up my inclusion in the 3pm tour at ESPN.  I arrived early and ate some lunch nearby before the tour.  Unfortunately, I’m on a slow internet connection so I cannot upload many pictures before I need to check out of this hotel.  I’m not a big sports fan, so I was hoping to see some technology on the tour.  I was not disappointed.  We were shown the various studios where the different shows are recorded.  We also saw glimpses of the server rooms.  The newsroom was the only place that pictures were prohibited.  I also saw the area where staff assemble all of the stats that are discussed during games.


After ESPN, I met up briefly with my friend Mark.  He showed me his brewing setup in the garage and discussed some options for visiting Delaware next week.

I drove NorthEast to stay the night close to Boston.  The rest of the night and the next morning has been spent prepping for the trip to Terceira.  The car will stay with Tesla while I’m gone.  They will replace the windshield, which is now nearly cracked half way across horizontally, perform the annual maintenance, and take a look at some other items.  My stuff will stay in storage and I will use Uber to get to and from the airport.  I’m not taking the laptop with me on the trip so there won’t be any blog updates while I’m gone.  I return to Boston Thanksgiving evening.

Miles ~9350

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