Long Island (11.15)

Heading North out of New Jersey, I crossed the bridge to Staten Island, South of New York City.  Bridge Toll: $15.  New England has tolls everywhere.  The bridge from Staten Island to SouthWest Long Island gives a fantastic view of the NYC skyline.  Once in Brooklyn, I stopped to get a few pictures of the nearby beach.


I drove NorthEast across Long Island sight-seeing from the car.  The first stop was the Tesla Science Center in Wardenclyffe.  My understanding was that the Science Center was not yet built, but an organization was working to raise funds to have it built.  I found the place, but it was closed to the public.

Next stop was the SuperCharger in the Hamptons on the SouthEast side of Long Island.  I looked around a bit there.  The McDonald’s in that area look very different.  Not the usual color scheme. I had a late lunch at the SuperCharger and made the decision to drive to Connecticut for the night.

As I approached my hotel in Connecticut, I crossed a bridge illuminated with soft blue light.


Tomorrow is the ESPN tour and prep for the flight to Terceira.

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