Rehoboth Beach and Rubber Soul (11.26)

I’d heard from several people that Rehoboth Beach and its boardwalk were a good place to visit in Delaware so that was my destination when I left the hotel this morning.  I arrived about 12:30, parking near the North end of the boardwalk and starting walking South.  It was about 50F outside, but the wind was gusting making for a cold walk.

The beach had some construction work in progress.  There was a bulldozer, other machinery and large pipes.  Offshore, some shipping vessels could be seen.


There are many shops and restaurants along the boardwalk and along the street that bisects the boardwalk.  I ate lunch and picked up some fudge and salt water taffy while there.  After walking the boardwalk, I returned to the car and drove over to the nearest SuperCharger which happened to be across the Maryland border.

While looking at the map and thinking about where to go, I decided to find something nearby to do in Maryland and then continue driving South along the Delmarva Peninsula.  I found the Rubber Soul Brewing Company near the SuperCharger in Salisbury, Maryland.

Rubber Soul has a tasting room without food.  I walked in to find two dogs roaming the building and a group of people that seemed to be regulars.  I did a flight to taste 5 of their beers.  I enjoyed the tasting, bought a bottle of water, and headed back on the road.


At the Southern boundary of the Delmarva Peninsula is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge – Tunnel that connects to the other part of Virginia near Norfolk.

I decided to stay in Norfolk for the night and plan out the next few days to cover Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

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