Yorktown (11.27)

Last night I purchased the new Metallica album including the live recordings of some past songs and one of the new songs.  I listened to that for the first few hours of my driving time today.  After Tesla’s version 8.0 software update, the Media player plays files in a folder in alphabetical order instead of number order.  So, some of the live recordings played in between the new songs.  It gave quite the contrast.  I’m fully meh on the new Metallica songs.

I stopped at Yorktown to explore some of America’s revolutionary history.  The Battle of Yorktown was the last major land battle in the war for independence.  The welcome center has an intro video that describes Washington’s army working with the French troops to outmaneuver the British and re-take Yorktown from Cornwallis.


Outside of the welcome center, visitors can walk around Yorktown and drive around the battlefield.  Yorktown is a mix of preserved historical buildings as well as current residents.  At the edge of town near the Welcome Center is the Yorktown Victory Monument.  The monument was authorized by Congress in 1781 but not built until 100 years later.


The earthen fortifications the armies built still exist in the battlefield and there are signs asking people not to walk on them so they last longer.


As I walked through the town, I noticed a street name that might amuse some people.


I drove West to Lexington, Virginia.  There are no SuperChargers in West Virginia.  So, I’m going to find something just over the border and then drive back into Virginia and head South into North Carolina tomorrow.

Miles ~10,300

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