Eastern Tennessee (11.29)

Not much sight-seeing today.  Last night’s dinner did not sit well.  As such, I didn’t fall asleep until about 2:30am.  The hotel’s fire alarm went off about 6:15am.  I checked outside to see if there was an obvious fire and didn’t see anything, so I packed my bag, put on my shoes, and went out to the main office to find out what was going on.  A new cook had started that morning and promptly set off the fire alarm.  I went back to try and sleep.  The alarm went off several more times and my neighbors were noisy outside for quite a while.

Much of today’s drive from Wytheville, VA to Asheville, NC went through Eastern Tennessee.  I did not see any smoke or evidence of the wild fires.  I thought I would be close enough to see the smoke, but I guess not.  Just before the border into North Carolina, there was a scenic view stop.


I drove into Asheville, NC.  I inquired about staying at the Biltmore so I could see the lights tonight and tour the grounds tomorrow, but rooms start at $300.  So, I’m in Asheville tonight and will pay the daily admission ($65) to tour Biltmore tomorrow.  Tomorrow evening, I catch up with Jason and Abby.  Thursday, I go into South Carolina and will complete having visited and “done something” in each of the continental United States.  Alaska will be the only unvisited state.

Miles: ~10,650

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