West Virginia (11.28)

West Virginia currently does not have any SuperChargers.  It’s also mountainous.  This makes it tricky to plan a trip into the state.  I figured I would leave the SuperCharger in Lexington, Virginia with a full trip charge, head West on 64 to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, then see how much range I have remaining.  If enough, I’d wind SouthWest through the state and go back into Virginia for the SuperCharger at Wytheville.  If not, I could turn around and re-charge at Lexington before heading South through Virginia.

The last part of charging to a full charge takes the longest.  I had 218 miles when I arrived at the charger and spent nearly an hour to get to 246.  Being cold outside may have slowed the charging a bit, too.  A full charge for my car is now 250.  I also set the cruise to the speed limit, and kept the heat off to conserve energy.

As usual, I worried more than I needed to.  I arrived at the rest stop just outside of White Sulphur Springs and checked the route to the Wytheville, VA SuperCharger.  I had plenty of range remaining.  The rest stop had a scenic overlook behind the facilities.  I walked up and took some pictures.


I left 64 West and used 60 and then 63 to get to 219 South.  I saw signs for an Organ Cave and figured I would stop and check that out.  Unfortunately, it was closed for the season.  I continued driving on the two lane 219 enjoying the scenery and the curves of the road.  Most of the trip has been driving on Interstate highways.  I enjoy the smaller highways for the towns and the scenery.

I stopped in Union, West Virginia for lunch at Korner Kafe.  It was a small breakfast and lunch place.  The hostess / server knew everyone else by first name. 🙂

After lunch, I continued the drive to Wytheville, Virginia.  While charging, two cars arrived with extra equipment attached.  One was a Tesla Model S.  The two drivers set the Model S to charging and left in the other car.  I took a look at the car and noticed the additional cameras and gov’t plates.


I’m meeting up with my friends Jason and Abby on Wednesday in North Carolina.  Since I don’t have much distance to cover in the next 48 hours, I decided to stay in Wytheville.

After checking into the hotel, I stepped out to find a group of guys looking at my car.  We talked about the car and I showed them some of the features.  One guy said, “you’re from the future!”  🙂

A very pleasant surprise is that I have the fastest internet connection I’ve had since Julie’s house.  It took almost 3 hours to write the Terceira blog post because the picture upload speed was so slow.  It would take minutes to get one group of pictures uploaded.  Here, I uploaded the seven pictures above in a few seconds.

I also managed to get in a small workout and a shower before writing this blog.  I’ve gained some weight on this trip.  Need to eat better and workout more. 🙂

Miles ~10,500

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