Florida, Key Largo (12.4)

Julie and I spent some time in the morning visiting with Kerry before starting our trip to the Florida Keys.  Today was a travel day without many pictures.

Again, I encountered toll roads that only accept the automated state pass system or cash.  I did not have enough cash on me for one of the tolls.  I started to search out my checkbook when the woman at the booth told me to go ahead.   I made a point to go to another ATM to get more cash for future tolls.  Seems a bit ridiculous that you can’t use credit cards.

Julie grabbed a picture of me at one of the SuperChargers.


We stopped for the night on Key Largo.  I had contact with a recruiter a few days ago and said I would get an updated resume over to him before Monday, so I needed a bit of time for that.  Tomorrow we will travel to Key West where we plan to relax for a few days and enjoy the warmth, sunshine, and some tasty beverages. 🙂

Miles ~ 11,750

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