Savannah and family (12.3)

Julie and I decided to see more of Savannah in the daylight before leaving for Florida.  We checked out of the hotel and drove to a parking spot near Forsyth Park.  We ate a bit and then walked to Forsyth Park.

Forsyth Park is one of the most beautiful parks I have visited!  We walked through the original park and then into the annex.  Vendors had setup tents selling homemade foods and crafts.  We saw the flavored pecan vendor and bought additional flavors.

Julie and I picked a spot in the grass to sit and relax for a while.  We sat in the sun, people-watching and enjoying the weather.  I didn’t get any pictures, but there were two large grass fields next to all of the trees and walkways.  Quite a nice place.


When we left Savannah, Julie and I drove to our cousin Kerry’s home just South of Jacksonville, Florida.

After seeing her beautiful home, Kerry was anxious to see the Tesla.  We went out and Kerry took a test drive.  Pretty sure there will be a Tesla in her future. 🙂


Kerry and her boyfriend, Ryan, cooked dinner for us.  Ribs, fettuccine alfredo, salad, and corn. 🙂  We shared the wine from the Biltmore and spent the evening catching up.

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