South Carolina Drive, Julie (12.1)

Jason and Abby left for work early in the morning and I left to start my drive to Charleston, South Carolina.  Entering South Carolina was an accomplishment.  At that point, I had been to all of the continental USA and Hawaii.  Alaska is the only state that remains. 🙂

I stopped a few times during the drive but did not take any pictures.  I arrived at the Charleston airport about 5pm.  Julie’s flight wasn’t scheduled to land until 11:15pm.  Since there wasn’t a SuperCharger nearby, I didn’t want to drive around using up charge.  So, I stayed at the airport and used the time to enjoy some reading and playing Fire Emblem.

Julie and I drove over to a hotel Julie had booked, checked in, and went out for some late food.  We found a great place down the street and had a ‘gnarly’ conversation with a local woman that told us of her travels and some local sights.  We went back to the hotel and called it a night.

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