Charleston and Savannah (12.2)

Julie and I left the hotel a bit before check out so we could spend some time exploring Charleston before leaving for Savannah.  We parked downtime and set out to walk around the shops and buildings.  We passed a historical house near where we parked


We had some lunch, picked up some dessert for the drive, and returned to the car to drive to Savannah.

We stopped at the SuperCharger in Savannah before checking into our hotel.  The SuperCharger is located at the Savannah airport and requires paying for parking to use.  This is the only place I’ve found where you have to pay to access the SuperCharger.  While charging, we walked the airport grounds and noticed a fountain.


We stayed at the riverfront Hyatt hotel in Savannah.  We were on the 7th floor and I enjoyed the view from the glass elevator in the lobby.


Julie and I went out to walk the riverfront and get some food for a bit.  Unfortunately, most of my pictures are blurry from the walk.


We bought some flavored pecans but didn’t pick any restaurant along the riverfront for dinner.  Instead, we ate dinner and had drinks at the Moon River Brewing Company across from the hotel.  I noticed on the menu that they offer bottles of mead for sale!  I’ve wanted to try mead for about ten years and haven’t had the opportunity.  Julie bought a bottle of mead for me.  I did not open it that night, but am looking forward to trying it in the future 🙂


We returned to the hotel to relax a bit before going back out for the Zombie Tour, ghost tour.  We met with the guide and group at 10pm in one of the town squares.  The guide walked us around the historic downtown area for two hours telling us some history of the town and various houses that are believed to be haunted.


We returned to the hotel about 12:30am and called it a night.

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