Key West, beach, Southernmost point, Mallory Square, Fire dancer (12.6)

Roosters do not crow at sunrise.   Instead, they start crowing about 3am and shut up about noon.  Good luck sleeping in on Key West.

Julie wanted to check out the beach.  I enjoy being in the water and such, but I’m not a big fan of sitting on the beach.  I dropped Julie off at Smathers Becah and headed back to the condo to relax a bit.  About two hours later, I picked Julie up to hear that the beach had been dirty and not very pleasant.

After a bit of time at the condo, we went out walking to see more sights.  It was great to be wearing shorts again while walking around town.  We headed South towards the Southernmost Point (for the public.  Whitehead Spit is the true Southernmost Point but it’s on the Naval Base).  On the way, we saw a lizard on the fence.


Near the SouthernMost Point is another historical marker.


We arrived at the SouthernMost Point to find a line of tourists waiting to take pictures.  The sun’s position made it difficult to get good pictures, but we grabbed a few.


We turned around to walk North along Whitehead street.  Our next stop was the Hemingway house.  Neither of us wanted to pay the fee to enter the house, so we took a few pictures of the outside and grounds.


We then visited more places along Duval Street and cooled off in the condo again for a while before going out for dinner.

Mallory Square has a sunset celebration each evening.  We left the condo at 4:30 so we could walk to Mallory Square before sunset and be there for the celebration.


Mallory Square has some street performers and small food stands.  I found a mermaid who offered to share her rock with me.


One of the Carnival cruise ships was docked just off of Mallory Square.  I took some pictures but they must have been using Julie’s phone as I don’t have any now.  Most of the people in the Square were tourists from the cruise ship.   The restrooms at the entrance to the Square have a plaque showing that they were originally the cistern for Key West.  A pipeline was built around WW2 time to bring fresh water from the Florida mainland.

The sky was cloudy so we were not able to see the sunset sink below the water on the horizon, but we did manage to get some pictures.


We left Mallory Square looking for a place to eat.  We stopped to try some of the famous Key Lime Pie.  The staff there recommended an Italian restaurant down the street.  Dinner there was excellent!  I had the lasagna and Julie had a pasta chicken dish.  I managed to pick up a Christmas gift near by and then we left to walk to the mile marker 0 sign.  On the way, we passed the Truman White House.  The picture didn’t turn out very well.


After 12,000 miles of driving, I finally made it to the end of the road.  🙂


We returned to the condo to relax for the rest of the evening.  About 11pm, we heard noise from the parking lot and went out onto the balcony to check it out.  A group of guys were standing around a SUV with music playing.  A woman was prepping some props for a fire dance performance.  We sat on the balcony and watched part of the show.


I fell asleep on the couch but the friendly rooster woke me at 5am so I could head up to bed. 🙂

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