Day 73: 500 miles to home, Flagstaff (12.15)

I got an early start so I could leave in the morning before Jay left for work.  I also planned to meet Colt, Dakota and Dillon in Flagstaff for dinner.  I said my goodbyes and left about 8am.  Santa Fe is at 7200 feet elevation so I was greeted to frost on my car and windows as I was leaving.


I charged in Albuquerque and grabbed some breakfast.  On the way to Gallup, I-40 crosses the Continental Divide.


Throughout the trip, there have been some stories that I’ve left out of the blog.  It would make it more entertaining to some people but perhaps bother others or embarrass me.  This one I’ll put in the blog.

There was an accident just East of Church Rock that lead to I-40 being completely stopped for a while.  No worries, I had some extra time in the travel schedule.  I put the car in park and pulled out the DS.  About 15 minutes later, my gut decides it’s the right time to remind me that I ate very spicy food for dinner.  I need to go.  There is nowhere to go.  I start to sweat.  A few minutes later, traffic starts moving.  I get in the right lane and start looking for an exit.  I made it, thankfully, but that was uncomfortable.

Shortly after charging in Gallup, I saw a welcoming sight:


I arrived at the Flagstaff SuperCharger just before 5pm.  I charged up and then met up with my friends for dinner and drinks at The McMillan Kitchen and Bar in Flagstaff.  While pulling into the parking garage, I curbed the Tesla and scuffed up my right rear rim. 😦

A little Flagstaff decoration


We had a great time catching up!  About 9pm, I said my goodbyes, took Colt back to his car, and started the final leg of the trip home.  It was raining for most of the drive South on I-17.

I arrived home just before midnight.  I will write a summary / stats blog post within the next few days.

Miles: 15,299.8

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