New Mexico, Santa Fe, MTG (12.14)

I left Amarillo with the goal of getting to Santa Fe about the time my friend Jay would be finished with work.

I was surprised at how good it felt to start to see the Southwest desert and mountains again.  I also find that I do enjoy the open spaces.  I had a bit of fun on the open road and took the Tesla up to 117.  I had reached about 120 when crossing Arizona on the way to California at the start of the trip.


I drove up to Las Vegas, NM to use the SuperCharger before going to Santa Fe.  There is a permit active for a SuperCharger in Santa Fe at this time, but it hasn’t been built.  I caught up with Jay at the end of his workday.  He introduced me to his co-workers and showed me his office.

We walked over to La Choza for dinner.  If you haven’t had authentic New Mexico cuisine, know that it is spicy.  Their chile peppers are no joke.  🙂  The food was fantastic.  My lips and tongue were numb by the end of dinner.

We went over to Jay’s place and spent the evening playing MTG.  Jay has my favorite pre-con Commander deck and I was quite happy to play a few games with it.

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