The Region (10.24 – 11.1)

I’ve spent the last ten days in NW Indiana, catching up with family and friends, and visiting some old places to see how things have changed.

My sister took me to walk the path at The Shrine of Christ’s Passion near her place.  Someone donated the land and a walking path of Jesus’ time after capture and through crucifixion is depicted with various audio stations along with statues.  I grabbed a few pictures.

Of course, we’ve been watching the World Series and hoping for the Cubs to win.  We watched the first game at a friend’s bar / restaurant: The Three Monkeys in Crown Point.  Great food!  Definitely recommended if you are in the area.

On Wednesday the 26th, my sister hosted a friends and family night at her house to watch the game.  I redeemed my Chipotle Chiptopia reward for catering for 20 people, so we had plenty of food.  It was Tom’s birthday so my friend Rick picked up some special beers for all of us to share.  They were better than expected, but expensive.

Earlier in that day, I caught up with my cousins Phil and Brian and met Phil’s daughter Katherine. 🙂

Saturday night, we watched the game at my friend Tom’s house and then went out to Twincades bar in Griffith.  I managed to fit six adults in the Tesla on the way to the bar.  Twincades is a bar / arcade with classic games from the 80’s and 90’s.  We stayed until last call and then decided to head back to Tom’s.  Of course, we had to do a late night Taco Bell run.

My sister and I went out shopping a few times over the past week.  She helped me pick out some new clothes.  Last night, I FINALLY bought a new pair of shoes. 🙂  The old ones went into the garbage today.

My important mail was forwarded to my sister’s house this week, so I had an opportunity to catch up on bills and such.  My mail-in ballot is completed and in the outgoing mail for tomorrow.

I had planned to leave today but pushed it back another day.  Mom came by Julie’s place tonight and we watched game 6.  I have the car just about fully loaded and ready to begin the road trip again in the morning.  I grabbed an updated picture with the bed rebuilt in the car.

The windshield may get fixed in Boston.  I’ll be leaving from Boston for a week trip to Terceira in the Azores off of Portugal.  My sister is currently planning to meet me in Boston before that trip and travel around New England with me for a while.

Tomorrow I’m heading to visit Jeff and Daisy near Ft Wayne, Indiana.  From there, I’m probably going to head into Michigan for a day, then drive through Canada to Niagara Falls.

It’s been great spending time with family and friends here again, but I’m looking forward to continuing the travels and seeing New England before we get into winter.  My blog updates will pick up again.

Miles: ~5975

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