On the road again, Eastern Indiana (11.2)

Most things were prepped before I went to sleep on the 1st, but it still was late morning when I left my sister’s place.  It’s always hard to say goodbye to family and friends.  I stopped by my grandmother’s place on the way out of town, but she wasn’t home.

I made my way SouthEast of Ft Wayne to visit my friends, Jeff and Daisy.  They own a farmhouse out of the city set on about four acres and surrounded by a farm.  It’s very peaceful and a good place to relax for a night before going back to the solo trip.  The weather was nice so we spent some time sitting out in their yard at a table, talking and playing with the animals.  I took a few pictures of the surrounding trees and landscape.


Their daughter played an unusual drum performance for me.  I noticed she’s grown a ridiculous amount since I saw her last, six months ago.  She’s definitely inherited her parents’ quick wit.  🙂

We went into a neighboring town for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  Afterwards, we picked up some snacks and drinks for the night.  I took a picture of a restaurant with a name and sign I found amusing.

We returned to their home to play Scrabble while watching the Cubs win the World Series!  Jeff took the Scrabble victory.  Daisy fell asleep and Jeff and I talked a bit before calling it a night.  Their cat, Piggy, slept next to me for half the night.


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